Oracle Card Readings

Choose from a variety of Oracle Decks. On line or in person, if you are in the Bradenton Florida area. Prices vary depending on the length and the type of the reading. Minimum is $30 for 30 minutes. Before the session we will do a short meditation to bring us together. Reading time will start after the meditation. If you would like more time after the initial reading $15 will be added for every 15 minutes.

There are many card spreads that we can use. After our short meditation we can go over what we feel would best serve you at that moment. You may always ask questions at the end of the reading and more cards will be drawn.

Various readings:

Mandala: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Relationships, Career, Finance, Home, Recent Past & Recent Present.

Past Life: Emotional Influences, Mental Influences, Spiritual Influences, Karmic Debt Owed, Karmic Lessons to learn, Past Life Impact on Present Life Past life impact on the Future.

Dream Exploration: Relevance of the Dream to your life, Lessons to be learned from dreams, how to apply dreams to your life.

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